Energy solutions for companies Clean-burning fuel, clean environment From calculations to supply Don’t just heat air!


Vedelgaas OÜ was founded to provide service to industries that need a trustworthy partner for managing their energy system. Production and heating equipment need a flexible and reliable system to provide a constant supply.
The service process includes:

  • Calculations on the profitability of energy sources
  • Energy system project management
  • Gas system design consultations
  • Lease and sale of LPG equipment
  • Installation of equipment and pipe
  • System maintenance
  • Deliveries of LPG

As the only company in Estonia that specializes in liquefied petroleum gas, our commitment has allowed us to stake a firm foothold in the energy market and has won customers with trustworthiness and flexibility. Our personnel’s ten years of experience in the field of LPG allows the most efficient and fitting solutions to be developed based on production needs. In the case of many consumer systems, our extensive network of contacts allows maintenance service to be provided right up to the burners. Entrusting the entire supply chain to specialists allows us to focus on our main area of activity and thus achieve a competitive edge.