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Production hangars, hotels and many other structures need a reliable source of energy for central heating, hot water, heated pools and air conditioning. LPG is capable of meeting all those needs and has the bonus of being an autonomous energy source, which is a good way out of the problem of power outages.






Radiant heating

Infrared radiant heating is the best solution for spaces with high ceilings. Infrared has a similar function to sun and embers – the radiation from them becomes heat only when it hits the surface, it does not simply escape into the air. Heating surfaces is more efficient as people, equipment and floors are in the most active radius and pointlessly heating the air under ceilings is avoided. Significant savings on heating costs can be achieved based on this fact.




Convection heating

The advantage of LPG is that it burns cleanly and this fact has been exploited by heating systems. When the heating source (LPG) reaches the blower, it can be 100% transformed to heat. In the case of water and other heat carriers, energy losses and a complicated heat transfer process are inevitabilities and often only a fraction of the energy reaches consumers in the form of heat.