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An available pure fuel, LPG is a good option for backup systems that rely on renewable energy sources, should the requisite weather conditions or daylight not be present. LPG also allows efficient co-generation of heat and power to take place on a smaller scale. The carbon footprint of equipment utilizing this technology is much lower than that of petrol or diesel.






A stable energy supply is critical for maintaining the level of comfort we are accustomed to. When the power goes out or there are technical problems, no one in our climate wants to sit in the dark and cold. Although electricity generally reaches all industries and households in Estonia, often the reliability is not secure. LPG is a good way of combining heat and backup generator function into a system that is operational even during power outages.



Guaranteeing peak capacity

Not all energy sources are as mobile as LPG and thus the current extent of infrastructure development sets a limit on the development of industry. Often energy subscriber contracts provide for limited capacity and a high fee must be paid when the limit is exceeded. If infrastructure proves insufficient, be sure to inquire as to LPG to address your concern in an efficient and flexible fashion.


Substituting for natural gas

Processes that use natural gas generally require consistency and replacing the technology with other energy sources is very expensive. Here, too, LPG comes to the rescue, as it allows propane to be blended with air at a specific ratio to achieve the same calorific value as that of methane. This sort of synthetic natural gas is a good way of cutting off peak capacity or ensuring reliability of supply.